Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Thilakanathan Studios Blog moved to ThilakanathanStudios.com

Once again, my blog has migrated! The blog now lives at http://thilakanathanstudios.com!
The main reason was that I felt I needed a more professional look to my site if I'm to do this long-term. Blogger is great and its interface was very fun to work with, but the only problem I felt was that it wasn't flexible enough. Also, I found the interface didn't always look good with Blogger. Sometimes my thumbnails looked stretched, other times it just disappeared off screen. I'm not an expert at HTML/CSS and have opted to use a professional WordPress template which has been tried and tested on various OS and mobile devices. I wanted a bit more control over my site and hence the move to WordPress. Feel free to give me any feedback on the new look of the site!



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